What we offer?

Meal plans

You are able to create meal plans for your needs for all 7 days on a week, Pick and choose your food from the variety of meals available from home cooks who will deliver it to your doorstep or work place.

Order food for special occasions

We got you covered. Now you don’t need to look and search everywhere to find snacks or meals for your special occasion. Order through mobile app without any hassle the day you want and the time you want from a home maker of your choice and snack.

Pay with easy

Don’t worry about bank transfer or cash, we have a seamless payment platforms and you will be able to pay from a range of payment options, If you face difficulty with your order rest assured we got you covered on that as well.


What FŪDO will Enable?

  • Large Varity of Menus and Choices and Live Menus for Corporate and Consumers with competitive pricing under one platform with user friendly seamless transaction processors
  • Near time Order Status, Location Based Delivery, location tracking and ETA for each order for all users
  • Diversified Role Play for Income Generation, Reward Programs and work from home models to empower Sri Lankan cooking community and create new Job opportunities that contribute to economic growth


Our Team

Home-cooks & bakers have a very high demand for their home cooked meals, but they face a big challenge in sustaining sales and finding new customers as they are not very sales savvy. Having studied this problem at length with the home cooks and baker community, I found this unique value proposition which enables a seamless single network that is self-enabled and helps find the right types of customer for the home cook. Fudo World takes care of all the boring and tedious sales & operational work of acquiring new customers while enabling the cooks to focus more on making their food more delicious and healthier. The benefit to the customer of course, is that they can order food from their favourite home cook or baker at the click of a button, and let Fudo World take care of the rest.

Udana Siriratna CEO

Hakim Falul CTO
Manuja Kasturiarachchi CDO
Rakith Indika COO
Dilini Perera CXO
Chatura Ranasinghe CMO